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Fishing Rod Stand

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What's the first thing you do with your fishing rods when you get back from a hard day's fishing? My guess is you lay them on the dock for a fast wash down with your water hose! Not a safe thing to do with your expensive rods! They could get stepped on and broken or worse yet, they can trip and injure someone as they walk by! Put an end to that with this convenient and simple to install FISHING ROD STAND! The Filet-A-Fish Rod Holder is the perfect answer!

  • Fabricated from heavy duty PVC pipe and fittings and supplied with 2 stainless steel mounting screws.
  • The Rod Holder measures 15” tall with an inside diameter of 1 5/8” for those large off-shore rods!
  • The mounting pad measures 3” x 5 ¼” and is extra heavy duty. (Wooden plate shown for display purposes only. Not Included)
  • The Rod Stand is sold individually, so buy as many as you need to hold all your fishing rods.

Mount them dock side or build a rack in your garage or man cave to safely store the rods up and out of the way!

Regular Price! $12.00
* Be sure to specify standard dock mount legs or our direct burial legs
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