The Best Way to Filet Your Catch of the Day

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We are a family owned and operated business based in the pine barrens of New Jersey. Ten years ago we were avid fishermen that loved to eat what we caught… like most of us. The problem was that we never had a comfortable and easy way to filet our fish. Large sheets of plywood on the pick-up tailgate weren’t “cutting it” anymore, so Rick put his designer skills to work and created the first fish cleaning table. It was easy and fun to use, so we decided that other people might like them too. Rick put together ten of them, advertised them online, and sold them all! Filet-A-Fish Table LLC was born!

That first table was so crude you would laugh when you saw it! But it worked … and worked well. We’ve been building custom fishing tables now for the last ten years. We’ve expanded to more models and have added many convenient modifications and accessories to satisfy our ever-growing population of customers. We still pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our tables, and we are sure you will not find a better product to clean your fish on.

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